Detailed Inventory

Although an on-site estimate is always preferred, we understand that this may not always be possible. If you find that a 30-60 minute on-site estimate is not manageable please fill out the Inventory form below with as much detail as possible. If done correctly, this form will allow our team to supply you with an accurate estimate for your upcoming move. If you have any questions regarding the following form or if you need assistance filling the form out, please contact our office at (206) 755-6053

Tips for Filling Out Your Inventory Online 

  • This inventory is intended to be an all-inclusive list of the items you need moved. Notating only the "large" items or "main" items will be very misleading. Please be sure to list ALL items you would like moved so that we can supply you with as accurate of an estimate as possible.
  • Remember to make note of the small items such as TVs, artwork, lamps, boxes, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Steep or sharply curved driveways, low hanging branches or powerlines and parking restrictions may play a large role in the amount of time it will take to move your items. With truck heights up to 13.5 ft. and overall truck lengths upwards of 35 ft., please be sure to list any restrictions that your property may pose.
  • If we have not included a particular item in the list of items below, please list that item in the "Additional Items and Information" field near the bottom of the form.
  • After submitting this form you will have the option to upload photos and documents from your computer, smart phone, or tablet!
Contact Information
Contact Information
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Details of Pick-Up Location
Details of Pick-Up Location
Pick- Up Street Address *
Apartment # / Unit # *
Pick- Up City *
Pick- Up Zip Code *
Select a State *
Location Type *
# of Bedrooms *
Elevator Available? *
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Access Issues
Are there any access issues at the pick-up location? Please explain below.
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Details of Drop-Off Location
Details of Drop-Off Location
Drop-Off Street Address *
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Drop-Off City *
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Access Issues
Are there any access issues at the drop-off location? Please explain below.
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Inventory by Room
Family Room
Family Room
Bookcase, Small (5cf.) *
Bookcase, Medium (10cf.) *
Bookcase, Large (20cf.) *
Cabinet, Corner (20cf.) *
Cabinet, Curio (20cf.) *
Chair, Arm (10cf.) *
Chair, Occasional (15cf.) *
Chair, Recliner/Overstuffed (25cf.) *
Chaise Lounge (25cf.) *
Entertainment Center, Multi-Piece (75cf.) *
Entertainment Center, Standard (50cf.) *
Foot Stool (3cf.) *
Love Seat (35cf.) *
Ottoman (10cf.) *
Portable Fireplace (30cf.) *
Sofa, Sectional 2 Piece (60cf.) *
Sofa, Sectional 3 Piece (90cf.) *
Sofa, Three Cushion (50cf.) *
Sofa, Oversized (60cf.) *
Table, Coffee (12cf.) *
Table, End (5cf.) *
Table, Occasional (12cf.) *
TV Stand (25cf.) *
Bookcase, Small (5cf.) *
Bookcase, Medium (10cf.) *
Bookcase, Large (20cf.) *
Computer (3cf.) *
Desk, Office (30cf.) *
Desk, Return Piece (12cf.) *
Desk, Secretary (35cf.) *
Desk, Small (22cf.) *
Filing Cabinet, Small (5cf.) *
Filing Cabinet, Medium (10cf.) *
Filing Cabinet, Large (20cf.) *
Hutch (20cf.) *
Office Chair (10cf.) *
Printer (3cf.) *
Shredder (3cf.) *
BBQ Grill (10cf.) *
Bench (10cf.) *
Garden Hose (5cf.) *
Jungle Gym (100cf.) *
Lounge Chair (10cf.) *
Outdoor Chair (5cf.) *
Outdoor Swing (35cf.) *
Outdoor Table (30cf.) *
Picnic Table (40cf.) *
Planters (3cf.) *
Standing Umbrella (5cf.) *
Yard Art, Small (3cf.) *
Yard Art, Large (5cf.) *
Dining Room
Dining Room
Bar Stool (5cf.) *
Buffet/Base (30cf.) *
Cabinet, China (20cf.) *
Cabinet, Curio (20cf.) *
Dining Chair (5cf.) *
Dining Table (30cf.) *
Hutch/Top (20cf.) *
Portable Bar (30cf.) *
Table Leaf (3cf.) *
Tea Cart (10cf.) *
Bakers Rack (20cf.) *
Bar Stool (5cf.) *
Breakfast Chair (5cf.) *
Breakfast Table (20cf.) *
Cabinet, Kitchen (20cf.) *
High Chair (5cf.) *
Wine Rack (10cf.) *
Armoire (50cf.) *
Bed, Bunk (70cf.) *
Bed, King (70cf.) *
Bed, Queen (65cf.) *
Bed, Standard/Full (65cf.) *
Bed, Trundle (50cf.) *
Bed, Twin/Single (30cf.) *
Bench, Small (5cf.) *
Bookcase, Small (5cf.) *
Bookcase, Medium (10cf.) *
Bookcase, Large (20cf.) *
Cedar Chest (10cf.) *
Chair, Occasional (15cf.) *
Chair, Rocking (10cf.) *
Chaise Lounge (25cf.) *
Changing Table (12cf.) *
Clothes Hamper (5cf.) *
Crib (10cf.) *
Doll House (10cf.) *
Dresser, Double (50cf.) *
Dresser, Single (20cf.) *
Dresser, Vanity (20cf.) *
Night Stand (5cf.) *
Ottoman (10cf.) *
Toy Chest (5cf.) *
Trunk (10cf.) *
TV Stand (25cf.) *
Bicycle, Adult (10cf.) *
Bicycle, Kid (5cf.) *
Golf Clubs (3cf.) *
Ladder (10cf.) *
Lawn Mower (10cf.) *
Luggage Rack/Container (25cf.) *
Storage Cabinet (20cf.) *
Storage Shelves (20cf.) *
Tires (3cf.) *
Tool Chest (10cf.) *
Wagon (5cf.) *
Wheel Barrell (10cf.) *
Work Bench (20cf.) *
Yard Tools (3cf.) *
AC Unit, Portable (5cf.) *
Clothes Dryer (25cf.) *
Clothes Washer (25cf.) *
Dishwasher (20cf.) *
Freezer, Small (10cf.) *
Freezer, Medium (45cf.) *
Freezer, Large (60cf.) *
Microwave (3cf.) *
Range (20cf.) *
Refrigerator, Small (30cf.) *
Refrigerator, Medium (45cf.) *
Refrigerator, Large (60cf.) *
Refrigerator, Mini (5cf.) *
Wine Cooler (7cf.) *
Aquarium (20cf.) *
Cat Tree, Small (5cf.) *
Cat Tree, Large (15cf.) *
Coat Rack (5cf.) *
Dog Bed (3cf.) *
Fans (3cf.) *
Folding Chairs (2cf.) *
Folding Table (4cf.) *
Game Table (60cf.) *
Grandfather Clock (10cf.) *
Ironing Board (3cf.) *
Lamps (3cf.) *
Piano, Upright/Spinner (65cf.) *
Picture/Mirror, Small (3cf.) *
Picture/Mirror, Large (5cf.) *
Plant Stand (3cf.) *
Rugs/Pad (10cf.) *
Safe, Gun (20cf.) *
Safe, Small (5cf.) *
Sewing Machine (12cf.) *
Speakers (3cf.) *
Stereo (5cf.) *
Suitcases (3cf.) *
Treadmill/Elliptical (70cf.) *
TV, Big Screen (30cf.) *
TV, Flat (10cf.) *
TV, Tube (7cf.) *
Vacuum Cleaner (5cf.) *
Small (1.5cf.) *
Medium (3cf.) *
Large (4.5cf.) *
Extra Large (6cf.) *
Wardrobe (15cf.) *
Additional Items and Information
Additional Items and Information
Additional Items and Information *
How many of your beds have headboards and/or Footboards? *
Please select how many of your beds have headboards and/or footboards that will need dismantled and/or assembled once moved
Disclaimer #1
I understand that an estimate will be supplied to me based solely on the information I have provided on this form. Any personal items (i.e. furniture, boxes, etc.) left unlisted or any pertinent information (i.e. access issues, loading restrictions, etc.) regarding the details of the move not communicated by me may cause the move to exceed the estimated time and cost, and may even result in the incompletion of my move.
Check All That Apply *
Disclaimer #2
Unless First Due Movers will be performing packing services for me, I understand that the estimate that I receive will be contingent to all of my belongings being completely packed into boxes and ready for transport. Lack of packing and/or preparation will likely result in the final costs exceeding the estimate, and may even result in the incompletion of my move. If you would like assistance with the packing of your belongings please contact our office.
Check All That Apply *