Long Distance Moves

Streamlined and Stress-Free

Moving to another state has traditionally been a tedious, time-consuming experience. Most companies will pack your items into an 18-wheeler with other peoples' things and you will be lucky to be moved into your new home within two weeks. Labor is often outsourced at your drop off location. so people who took apart your 27-piece office desk may not be the same people who attempt to put it back together. They may not have even been "movers" the day before.

When you hire First Due Movers for your long distance move, you will have the same staff load at your pick up and unload at your drop off. We do not hire temporary labor or contract any aspect of your move to another company, meaning you will have only one point of contact. Best of all, we move directly from your pick up location to the drop off. No off-loading into a warehouse or another truck, no other customers sharing the same truck space, and no other pick ups or drop offs along the way. That means no waiting to move into your new home, and no more waiting to move on!

How It Works

It is tough to determine what steps need to be taken to coordinate a successful move. That's where we come in. Fill out our contact form or call our office to discuss your moving needs. A representative will help fine-tune a combination of services that best suits your situation so you don't have to stress out about it. We will schedule a free on-site estimate to accurately estimate the cost of your move. For less complex moves, an estimate may be supplied over the phone or through email. Please submit a detailed inventory form and we'll get started!


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