What precautions is First Due taking during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This is a very important topic so we created an entire page devoted to answering it. Read more here.

Are all First Due employees firemen?

No, not all of our employees are firemen. First Due Movers was founded in 2009 by three Eastside Firefighters. First Due's employee base consists of many well-driven individuals, many in which are volunteer firefighters and/or pursuing their career in the fire and medical services. Our mission is to change the way people view the moving industry and the fire service traditions of attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to selfless services will be instilled into and delivered by all members of the organization, whether or not they are members of the fire service. 

Does First Due facilitate interstate moves?

Yes. First Due Movers can relocate homes or offices to anywhere in the lower 48 states, as long as the job originates within Washington State. All interstate operations are carried out 100% in-house. We do not subcontract drivers or labor which means the people who load your items may very well be the same to drive and unload your items at the destination. When we move a home or office accross state lines, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your items will be the only items on our truck, which leaves very little room for error and and allows us to give you an accurate delivery date typically no more than a week out.

What areas does First Due serve?

First Due services all of Washington State for local moves. We are also licensed to move you from Washington state to any of the lower 48 states.

Can we tip our movers?

Yes, tips are always greatly appreciated for a job well done.

Can First Due donate or dispose of my unwanted items?

Yes, we offer a donation and disposal service for a small fee, based on the total cubic footage of your items. We cannot dispose of garbage or hazardous items. All disposal/donation items are returned to our warehouse for processing. Any items that are not accepted for donation due to the conditition are then taken to the transfer station for disposal.

Do you charge a set price or by the hour?

All local moves (55 miles of transport or less) are charged by the hour. All long distance moves (55 miles of transport or more) will be charged via flat-rate.

Does First Due move pianos?

First Due can move most upright or spinnet pianos if sufficient man-power is present during your move. First Due Movers cannot move grand or baby grand pianos.

Can our dressers be moved with clothes in them?

It depends. If you have a small dresser and the dresser does not need to be moved up or down stairs, then typically clothes can stay in the drawers. If the dresser is on the larger side OR if the dresser will need to be carried down or up a flight of stairs, then we ask that you remove any/all items from the drawers. We ask that if any items are left in the drawers, that the items are soft and lightweight (clothes, linens, towels, etc.). It is important to note that some dressers do not have the structural stability to be moved with ANY weight in them, please assess the integrity of your furniture before deciding to leave items inside them.

Can you dismantle and assemble my furniture?

Yes. All crews come well equiped with a compliment of tools to dismantle/assemble beds, tables, excersize equipment, and most other items. We cannot dismantle murphy beds or remove them from the wall as they are typically installed in a semi-permenant fashion.

How do you protect my furniture?

Furniture and mattress protection is our forte. Mattresses and box springs are protected with commercial grade 4-mil plastic mattress bags. All furniture items will be wrapped 360-degrees in professional-grade moving blankets and then shrink wrap to hold them on. This not only protects the furniture, but the homes/offices that we are working inside.

How do you protect my home or office?

Protective neoprene floor runners will be used to cover all main walking areas within a home or office. Blankets will be used to protect railings and door jams as necessary. First Due Movers wraps all furniture items in thick professional-grade moving blankets which will also help protect the home or office that we are working inside.

Can you disconnect or reconnet my appliances?

First Due Movers can move most appliances, however we cannot remove OR connect any water or gas lines leading to your appliances. Water lines are most often found in washing machines, refrigerators, and freezers. Gas lines are most commonly found in clothes dryers, stoves, and outdoor BBQs.

What items are not accepted for transport?

We cannot take firearms, ammunition, propane tanks, gasoline, paint, or any other hazardous or combustable items. If you plan to have us move any gas-powered item such as a generator or lawn mower, we ask that you drain or run the gas out of the machine. Standard household chemicals will be accepted if boxed properly.

Can you move my firearms and ammunition?

First Due Movers cannot transport or handle firearms and/or ammunition. Please set these aside or pack them in a separate box. If we are moving a gun safe for you, please remove all items prior.

Can you take my TV off the wall and re-mount it at my new home?

We can remove your TV and mount from the wall at your old residence or office, however we cannot mount it to the wall at your new home or office.

Can we help the moving crew on move day?

Absolutely. Unfortunately our movers cannot "team lift" any items with a home/office owner. In addition to this, we cannot have non-employees inside our truck or operating our lift gate. Aside from that, move on!

Can you transpot our cars?

We do not currently offer this service.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we offer in-truck storage if your move-out and move-in dates do not quite line up. We do not currently offer long-term storage. Stay tuned as long term storage will be offered in late 2019.